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If you are looking for something original and unique unlike tons of games you’ve played before, your search is over! Absolutist is inviting all users of Win7,Vista and XP to take a look at the funniest casual game ever – City of Fools. This is a truly anti-stress game in the hidden object genre. Play City of Fools to get rid of routine work and daily troubles. Find the mayor and complete your quest for laughs in the funniest game of 2012 – “City of Fools”!

Help a newspaper journalist to investigate a mysterious case of a UFO contact in a weird town Tundel. The chief editor sends you to interview the mayor of the city of fools about the accident, which is conceived from the public. You’ll meet lots of funny and eccentric characters with their stories, weird ideas and problems to solve.

Go through amazing adventures and try to find hidden items in the city of fools!

The game features about 500 amusing locations, lots of hidden object scenes, 10 incredibly fun mini-games, more than 100 hours of gameplay in Expert mode and simply the mind blowing comic story-line.

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