City Of Fools User’s Reviews


Oh, what a fun and entertaining game this is. And it’s a soft release at that.

I just love the interaction, having to go shopping, doing things for other people to get on in the game, and you get HOS thrown in as well.

Lovely graphics, and lovely animation. This is an instant buy for me.


Yep, the game is super fun and original. I’ve accidently found a promo video on youtube, then downloaded from dev portal. And I’m glad I found it. I’ve completed the game twice.


Love this game. Really funny and totally engrossing. Exploring a town and doing little ‘quests’ for the people. It’s very easy to get lost, so the map is a big help.


I bought this one from the devs, and had a ball with it. It is fun and quirky, and lots of humor. Whatever you do, do not go to the island though, until you have found all of the items. I had missed some and went to the island and then couldn’t get back. Then my grandsons came over, and I knew they would love it, so we played it again, and between the three of us, we found everything and went to the island, and found where we needed to go by accident, lol. Really a different game, and I give high marks to the devs. Yes, there are fart jokes, and bathroom humor, and the boys and I laughed ourselves silly, and had a great time. It is a long game, and there is so much to see and do, and some things aren’t apparent the first time you visit a scene, but later on you think back and remember, and voila, find your way back there, and you got it. Almost everything you see plays a part at some time or another, clues everywhere. Fun, fun, fun. More please!

eta: in the beginning you worry about not having enough money, but it adds up and you find plenty. Finding and figuring out all the codes for the lockers is a lot of fun.


OH MY GOODNESS! The graphics, the humor, the characters, the humor, the gameplay, the humor …. What’s not to love! what a fun, amazing, quirky and different game!

Instant buy, of course!


I love this game, but the getting around without the ability to “jump” using the map is really quite annoying! I meant the map shows that the airline counter is on the left, but when I get along the left hand side, I find that you cant really proceed left, then I tried right, then down etc all over the place, and I had to keep looking at the map to see where else I can go in order to get to airline counter.

Its fun that along the way I encounter funny characters with all sorts of requests, and this makes the game unconventional and truly fun! The walkthrough could really do more with directions, like go Rx3, Lx2, etc to point out HOW to get there! I took 20 minutes out of the 1 hour trial just to get to airline counter!! Kinda of kills the fun a bit when I kept getting lost and dead-ended. The map looks like there is a thru road, but it seems it doesnt work that way at all!

BFG please update the walkthrough with more precise directions then, Go to the library! I spent another 10mins getting lost while on my way with the map that has roads but no arrows to get to!!!!

Its fun if I kinda of relax, but I am really stress up trying hard to follow the walkthrough. Its still different and nice game with great graphics. It would even be better if BFG could have an upgrade whereby I could place that flag and just “flew” where the flag landed, no need to traverse all over the place!


This is a unique and addicting traveling adventure game. I say traveling because there is a lot of running around from here to there but unlike some games, there is a point to it. If you want the full game experience DON’T USE THE WALKTHROUGH. It covers only the “I absolutely have to have” stuff and you’ll miss some of the cute stuff. Some locations are not even covered in the walkthrough. I spent a good part of today and yesterday playing this game….and yes, the laundry is piling up.

Very well worth the money and fun fun fun!