City of Fools – Review From Allaboutcasualgame

Absolutist brings us a new Hidden Object Adventure game “City of Fools”, it has humorous story and one of the most creative gameplay! Graphics are colorful and very crisp, characters are funny-looking (some of them are even ugly, but we guess that the developer did it on intention!).

The story about the foolish town is surely very unique, it involves many dialogues with funny voices, we didn’t found them annoying at all but rather very funny and enjoyable to read! The gameplay is imaginative, the game involves tons of locations, each location contains few interesting tasks to complete. You will constantly getting lost in this town, however, the game offers you a city map, although it wouldn’t let you jump to another location right away, you can use the red flag to mark the location you want to go to and follow the map to the destination! The game also has a virtual money you can collect and spend, they’re very hard to collect and you can use them to buy items in shops in order to complete the task. This game is very challenging, requires a lot of thinking, so we suggest the developer to add a hint button out of HOG scenes also! As for the length, this game is surprisingly long too! City of Fools is very creative and unique in every aspects, we hardly get any game like this nowadays, so this game is definitely worth your time and money!

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