City Of Fools — The Best Anti-Stress Game Ever

Do you like jokes and have a good sense of humor? Welcome to City of Fools! It is an inimitable Hidden Object game which will brighten up your daily life.

HOGs and adventure games are very popular among people of all ages, but it can take hours for you to find the game that is really worth trying. We will try to simplify this problem.

Our web site is created to bring all the fans of Hidden Object genre together. You may ask, if there is anything special in this game. Sure it is! City of Fools is a clever and non-typical detective Hidden Object adventure from Absolutist, with tons of biting jokes and hours of challenging and breathtaking gameplay. Nowadays HOGs with elements of horror and mystics are wide spread, but City of Fools breaks all the stereotypes. It is full of humor and comic scenes!

City Of Fools

Imagine that you are a clever, witty journalist who is sent to the city of Tundel to interview the mayor. That mayor is suspected of concealment an UFO. But as soon as you arrive at the rail station you will face a lot of troubles in communicating with the townsfolk. They will give antilogous and ridiculous tasks that you should complete to reach the mayor. Whatever, Tundel is a city of fools, so get ready to dozens of surprises.